The Robo Dwarf Hamster (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster) are the smallest breed of Dwarf Hamster averaging between 4.5cm to 5cm when fully grown. Robo hamsters are known to be very fast, and it has been said that they can run an average of four human marathons at night. In the wild – Robo hamsters remain underground in winter and survive by burrowing food.

Robo dwarf hamsters are distinguishable from Winter Whites and Campbell’s due to its smaller size, lack of a dorsal stripe and sandy color of its fur. Usually, they are grayish brown with a white belly. Husky or White-Faced Roborovskis have an entirely white face.

They are a friendly natured pet, and they will rarely bite humans. They are not the easiest of hamster to handle because of their tiny size and their skittishness. They will not hesitate to run out of your hand onto the floor, so it is important to be very careful with them.

roborovski hamster

Robo hamsters are considered to be social animals, and they enjoy being in the company of siblings. I recommend them as a pair or a trio. As with most species of pet – Females are easier to keep together than males with a smaller risk of fighting. They can be kept in larger groups but the risk of fighting increases.

Robo Dwarf Hamsters are not ideal as pets for young children because they are tough to handle. They are small and very fast compared to other types of Hamster.

white face roborovski hamster

There are ten confirmed variations of Robo Dwarf Hamster.

  • Agouti
  • White face
  • Husky
  • Mottled
  • Platinum
  • Head spot
  • White-from-white-faced
  • White-from-pied” or “pure white
  • Red-eyed



It is relatively easy to determine the gender of Roborovski hamsters. Female genital openings are quite close together and might be mistaken for a single opening. Male genital openings are further apart, and they usually have a scent gland near the naval above the two openings with a slightly yellow coloring.  The season for breeding for the Roborovski is generally between April and September with an average gestation period of 20 – 22 days. Roborovski hamsters have between three and nine offspring.


Like most hamsters, Robo Dwarfs are omnivorous which basically means they will eat plants, fruit, vegetables & grains but they can also eat small amounts of meat or insects. Robo hamster absolutely adore meal worms and they are a great nutritious treat but should be given sparingly as they are also high in fat.